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IOTA 9970

IOTA 9970

Product advantages

The IOTA 9970 product forms a silicon dioxide film after crystallization. The main body of the product is a special polysiloxane, which is different from the popular silicone-based coating products on the market. It has high hardness, good transparency, oxidation resistance, anti-ultraviolet, high adhesion, good water transfer, and has a brightening effect on car paint (especially for black cars). The product has excellent durability.

Matters needing attention

Choose dry weather as far as possible.

After the construction of the vehicle, if the water is tested, please wipe the residual water beads after the test.

Wash the car after 24 hours a day.

It's better not to see water within 24 hours after construction. If it rains, try not to go out. If it is necessary, clean the surface water after go out

This product has a certain chemical smell. Please do not directly face the bottle mouth and wear disposable gloves during construction.

Product indicators

Solid content



mineral oil

Hardness(Chinese pencil)


Transparency(visible light)


Adhesion (grid method)


Water contact angle



Operation steps

New cars do not need to be polished. If there are scratches, please polish them first.

The vehicle is degreased and cleaned to ensure the dry surface of the body.

Take the crystal plating solution and pour it on the eyeglass cloth or professional sponge, and start to wipe on the surface of the car. It is suggested to use a cross wipe, that is, a horizontal wipe, a vertical wipe.

After finishing the wiping, use dry towel to start from the initial position of the wiping for leveling. In order to facilitate the construction, partial construction is recommended. If first do the front car cover, wipe the crystal solution after 1 minute with a dry towel, followed by the door, roof, tail construction.

After observing the flatness of car paint coating surface, the car shall be placed in a clean place for 2 hours and the construction shall be completed. 

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