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Organic polyborosilazane IOTA 9120

    Organic polyborosilazane (Potteryable precursor polymer) IOTA 9120
    Product description
    IOTA 9120 is a liquid precursor polymer consisting of repeating Si-N units、Si-N-B units. It can be used as a thermosetting resin and a ceramic precurs. Under relatively mild conditions, the SiBCN ceramic products with excellent temperature resistance are obtained, especially for high temperature resistant adhesives.
    IOTA 9120 can be cross-linked under the temperature of 120-180 ° C, curing can be done in air or inert atmosphere.
    IOTA 9120 can be diluted with various polar or non-polar dry solvents. It is sensitive to water, alcohol solvents, hydrolysis or alcoholysis reaction, to make the product deteriorate. And it should avoid contact with acid, alkali and other proton type substances.  
    First, IOTA 9120 cured product converted to amorphous ceramics by high temperature cracking, eventually get crystalline ceramics. It is amorphous product below 1600 ℃, begin to crystallize above 1600 ℃. Ceramic product composition has great relation with cracking atmosphere, SiC and Si3N4 under nitrogen or argon; mainly Si3N4 under Ammonia; mainly SiBOCN under air conditions. In addition, the cured product cracking is easily influenced by filler, and result affects the composition of the final ceramic product. 
    Product features  
    Low viscosity
    Various curing methods
    High ceramic yield
    Short curing time
    Easy to prepare SiBCN ceramics
    Good adhesion on the metal ceramic graphite materials
    Technical Parameters:
    Apparent features:   light yellow liquid
    Solid content %:     100% liquid
    Molecular weight (Mn):                              700-900
    Viscosity:                                                  10000-20000 cp
    Ceramic density:                                    1.70-2.00 g/cm-3
    VOC (%):                                                N/A
    Cured ceramic production (800℃):        >55%

    Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs)
    Metal matrix composites
    High temperature resistant adhesive
    Anticorrosive coating
    High temperature resistant anti-oxidation ceramic coating
    Ceramic preform impregnated
    Thermosetting resin
    Organic and inorganic hybrid materials
    Upon customer demand, it is packed in 0.5-20 liters in plastic drum, solid content is100%.
    Proper cleaning method is important. After use, take acetone or solvent oil immediately to wipe the tool and clean. Once IOTA 9120 cured, the solvent cannot wash it away.

    When use polyborosilazane, it should be in a ventilated, dry environment and with the necessary protective measures such as gloves, masks, goggles;  We shouldn’t  put the uncured IOTA 9120 near fire, humid air and water. 

    Shelf life:
    Shelf life of unopened polyborosilazane IOTA 9120 is one year; opened polyborosilazane shelf life is depending on protection measures. Under sealed low temperature drying condition, the life time is more than two months.

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