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Details Information

Organic Polysilazane IOTA 9108

Organic polysilazane IOTA 9108  

Other name: Ceramicable precursor polymer

Product characteristics

Low viscosity

Short curing time

Various curing methods

High ceramic yield

Good adhesion to materials such as metal ceramics and graphite

Easy to prepare SiCN ceramics

Temperature resistance 1500 ℃


Organic polysilazane IOTA 9108 is a liquid precursor polymer composed of repeating Si-N units. It can be used as both a thermosetting resin and a ceramic precursor, and can be cracked under relatively mild conditions to obtain temperature resistant SiCN ceramic products.


Ceramic matrix composite (CMCs)

Metal matrix composite

High temperature resistant adhesive

Anticorrosive coating

High temperature resistant and antioxidant ceramic coating

Ceramic preform impregnation

Thermosetting resin

Organic inorganic hybrid material

Technical index

Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Solid content: ≥99%  

Molecular weight (Mn): 700-900

Viscosity: 10cp-40cp

VOC(%)  N/A

Ceramic yield (800 ℃):>55%

Solidified ceramic yield (800 ℃):>75%

Ceramic Density: 0.98g/cm3-0.99g/cm3


Polysilazane IOTA 9108 can be diluted with a dry solvent. However, it is sensitive to water and alcohol solvents and undergoes hydrolysis or alcoholysis reactions, causing the product to deteriorate. In addition, avoid contact with protonic substances such as acids and bases.

Cracking conditions

IOTA 9108 cured product converted to amorphous ceramics by high temperature cracking, eventually get crystalline ceramics. It is amorphous product below 1400 ℃, begin to crystallize above 1400 ℃. Ceramic product composition has great relationship with cracking atmosphere, SiC and Si3N4 under nitrogen or argon; mainly Si3N4 under Ammonia; mainly SiOCN under air conditions.

In addition, the cured product cracking is easily influenced by filler, and result affects the composition of the final ceramic product.

usage method:

*After placing the IOTA9108 coating in an indoor environment for 3 days, a film with no hardness, poor adhesion, and poor transparency will be obtained.
2. Curing method: High temperature curing or UV curing → Curing method and curing time:
1)High temperature curing *2
a. without catalyst
Heating temperature:200℃-280℃

Curing time: 2h-4h
b. Add thermal crosslinking agent 2,5-dimethyl-2,5-bis - (tert butylperoxy) hexane (DHBP), etc

Curing temp.:120℃-180℃

Curing time:20min-60min
platinum catalyst
film thickness:10μm-100μm
curing temp.
curing time:40min-120min
2UV curing*3
1) Add photoinitiator, 2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-phenyl-1-acetone (1173), etc
UV wavelength and power
Curing time

The obtained cured coatings exhibit good performance in indoor environments; The toughness of the coating after curing will significantly decrease after 300 ℃.
2) IOTA 9108 can be thermally cured, adding a thermal crosslinking agent will lower the temperature of thermal curing and shorten the curing time. Due to the minimal amount of thermal crosslinking agent added, it will not significantly affect the hardness, color, adhesion and other properties of the coating.
3) After uv curing of IOTA9108, the coating performance is good at room temperature, but due to the poor high-temperature resistance of the photoinitiator, the coating will undergo yellowing and other phenomena when heated to above 300 ℃.

3. During the synthesis process of IOTA 9108, there are solvents present, which will be removed after polymerization, it means IOTA 9108 product does not contain solvents; When using, normally we do not use solvents (opposite to IOTA 9150K), unless the customer uses them for formula additives and other purposes, and the solvent can be mixed according to the customer's situation. At present, it is recommended to use 3M hydrofluoroether, as the brand 7100 has a low boiling point and is non combustible. (7100 is perfluorobutyl methyl ether, which is 50-60% of n-butyl and isobutyl.

Storage period

The shelf life of unopened polysilazane IOTA 9108 is 6 months; The service life of polysilazane IOTA 9108 after opening is affected by protective measures. Under low temperature and dry sealing conditions, the service life is more than 2 months.


Proper cleaning methods are important, quickly wipe down the surface with acetone or mineral spirits after use.

Once IOTA 9108 is cured, the coating cannot be washed away by solvent.


Could be packed with sealed metal container in 0.5L -20L, solid content more than 99%.


When using polysilazane, the environment must be ventilated, dry, and necessary protective measures such as gloves, masks, and goggles must be taken; Do not place uncured IOTA 9108 near sources of ignition, moist air, or water.

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