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Organic polysilazane IOTA 9150K


    Liquid organic polysilazane IOTA OPSZ 9150K, based on low viscosity and good adhesion, specialize for room temperature curing coatings system. can be applied on types of base materials with smearing, dipping, spraying, brushing, etc. IOTA OPSZ 9150K has excellent adhesion, suitable for metal, alloy, glass, paint film and other materials.  

    Product features

    Low viscosity

    Short curing time

    Various curing methods

    Non-flammable after cured

    Anti-oxidation, Anti-corrosion

    Easy to Clean

    Good adhesion to metals, ceramics and other materials




    Non flammable composite material

    Polymer matrix composites

    Glass and abrasive tools

    Low surface tension and other easy to clean application

    Technical index

    Appearance: colorless and transparent liqud

    Curing time :

    Room temp. curing:

    Surface dry in 5-10 min, Complete curing≤48 h

    High temp. curing:

    after surface dry, heating 2-5h with 120-150℃, heating 2h with 280-320℃

    Hardness after cured:

    Room temp. cured in 24h, Hardness: 5H

    Room temp. cured in 48h, Hardness: 7H

    Linear shrinkage:  < 1%

    Transmittance (visible light) :  >95%

    Metal adhesion (grid method) :  0 grade

    Storage period: ≥1 year (unopened)


    IOTA OPSZ 9150K can be soluble in polar and non-polar solvents, such as such as alkane, ether, ketone and esters, can’t be diluted with alcohol ether solvents, such as diethylene glycol dimethyl ether, diethylene glycol dibutyl ether, tetraethylene glycol butyl ether.

    IOTA OPSZ 9150K also be diluted with some resins, such as epoxy silicone resin, silicone resin. That can shorten the curing time, and improve the hardness of the resin.


    1. IOTA OPSZ 9150K should be used in a dry, ventilated place with protective measures(gloves, masks) .

    2. Avoilding fire, moisture and water.

    3. Seal the product promptly after use.

    4. Adding nitrogen for protection after use in humid environment. 

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