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[real case sharing] it's a good thing and a long way to go - my journey of hysteromyoma treatment!

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In China, about 2.2 million people lose their uterus every year due to hysteromyoma. The uterus is not an organ of human reproduction, but an emotional organ. Therefore, respect for every woman starts from caring for the health of the uterus. This is also the reason why I put up a pen to record my mental journey along the way - I hope every sister can have an extra choice in treatment, so as to reduce the physical and mental damage.
Five years of palliative care for fibroids
I found out the hysteromyoma in the physical examination of the staff of the unit. Although every time I had a period of 28 days, my menstrual period lasted for one week, and I spent the first two days in dysmenorrhea. At that time, I didn't want to go to the hospital for examination. When dysmenorrhea symptoms appeared, I chose to take analgesics such as Sanlitong to relieve them. Taking nonsteroidal drugs regularly every month for a long time has also affected my gastrointestinal tract to a certain extent. Belching and irritable bowel syndrome have appeared one after another.
Since I don't have any feelings about fibroids, I have always been palliative, never thought of changing my life style and medication. So the doctor who did the ultrasound examination for me told me that the fibroid had grown to 58 * 54 * 50mm when the staff of the unit had a physical examination, and asked me to go to the maternity hospital immediately for treatment. At that time, I also had backache and frequent urination.
(myoma size before treatment)
Curious, I read the case of hysteromyomectomy on the Internet. There are different cases of surgery. A friend who has been in contact with her has sent a video in her circle of friends, which makes me seem to grasp the "life-saving straw", so I learned a new way to treat hysteromyoma - focused ultrasound.
Face to face with director Xu Xikui, an expert in focused ultrasound
From wechat contact with friends for consultation to outpatient registration, to the decision of focused ultrasound treatment and then to the admission, what makes me like tangle all the time, and I only spend a day with selection obstacles? The answer is director Xu's modesty and his conscientiousness. According to each patient's condition, he will suggest the most appropriate treatment: Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, focused ultrasound
(face to face with director Xu, a little nervous)
It's not painful to have a tumor across the mountain
The next day, I followed director Xu into the focused ultrasound treatment room. Director Xu sat next to me. I didn't feel a little bit in the focused ultrasound treatment for nearly an hour. During the whole process, I watched director Xu control the mouse and ablate the myoma bit by bit. In the process of treatment, I was very conscious. I sent a circle of friends with pictures and texts on wechat, and replied to the questions of commenting on friends one by one. Four months later, I went for reexamination and found that the size of the myoma was only 48 * 43mm. I'm really grateful for this medical experience and focused ultrasound.
(after 3 months of treatment, the leiomyoma became smaller)
I have written so many medical and psychological experiences, hoping to help more sisters.
Here comes the expert
The good news for women cancer patients!!! Last month, director Xu Xikui's sitting treatment won unanimous praise. In order to meet the needs of patients, director Xu Xikui, an expert in focused ultrasound, will continue to sit on iqi'er from May 7 to 8. A small number of experts will make a limited time appointment!
curriculum vitae
Xu Xikui
Director of non-invasive treatment of Nanjing Second People's Hospital
HIFU technical clinical training professional doctor
The scope of personal consultation:
Hysteromyoma, adenomyosis, ovarian cyst, etc
Time limited benefits
20 expert numbers open for appointment
1. Applicants: hysteromyoma, adenomyosis, leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, increased menstruation, irregular bleeding and other uncomfortable symptoms
2. Discount for active patients: free registration fee for expert clinic once
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