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The right way to open it in May. Here is a special offer waiting for you to check

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The breeze is not dry, the sun is just right
Recently, the epidemic has been well controlled
Are you ready
Take advantage of the May Day holiday to relax?
Is it a peripheral tour? Or rest at home?
(take protective measures no matter what way!)
May day travel, hi PI, and don't neglect your own health and TA's health~
Aiqier maternity hospital
May Benefits
Let you and health zero distance!
Public welfare may, healthy sailing
A kind of
Juhuiyi: Gynecology physical examination package
Women only need 58 yuan for physical examination!
One inspection, one care
This mother's Day
Let's take the words "ask for help"
Become a practical "health care"
Honor your mother in the name of love
Pay attention to health and love!
In order to let more pregnant mothers enjoy the comfortable pregnancy and childbirth trip, IQI launched the following package discounts
Basic ultrasound examination for baomam during pregnancy
Help monitor fetal development in real time
Welcome healthy baby smoothly
Juhui 2: Maternity package
Juhuisan: postpartum discount
"Pregnant in October and giving birth in one day", both the weak new mother and the delicate and weak baby need careful care. Postpartum re examination and physical examination can help us to understand the recovery of new mothers and the development of babies. It is very necessary!
There was a line in the movie "young you":
"You protect the world, I protect you."
To all the pregnant mothers, iqiel wanted to say:
"You take care of the baby, angel take care of you!"
May is mother's Day
More benefits, more discounts
Meima, hurry up~
1. Telephone reservation: 0515-88588000
2. Wechat appointment: identify and pay attention to the QR code below, reply: Name + phone + check package, you can make an appointment

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