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May 4th Youth Day: the theme of "youth blooming in the war epidemic" (1)

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The river of time flows ceaselessly. Every generation of youth has its own chance and opportunity to plan life and create history under the conditions of their own times. Youth is the most sensitive barometer of the era. The responsibility of the era is given to youth. The glory of the era belongs to youth.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is fierce. The whole nation is fighting against the epidemic. The young people in the affiliated hospitals of our university are not afraid of danger, life and death, and rush forward. They devote themselves to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and fully demonstrate the character of the times with ideals, abilities and responsibilities, and interpret the spirit of serving the world with the youth!
During the May 4th Youth Festival, a series of activities were held, with the theme of "youth blooms in the war epidemic". Wang Xun, Shu Xin, Wang Yongxin, Wei Congxiang, Liu Xiufen, Shi Xue, Hu Jianbo and Shen Wei, members of the medical team assisting Hubei in the Affiliated Hospital of our University, were invited to give us cloud lectures. Let's go into the heart of the young doctors and nurses who help Hubei and listen to their stories of the youth war and epidemic.
"Youth is the soul of the country." General secretary Xi Jinping once said: "China Youth in the new era should shoulder the responsibility of the times." In the spring of 2020, a battle without gunpowder started in Wuhan. It's not hard to find the retrograde figure of young people among those doctors who are carrying our weight forward. They defend the people with their lives and write the magnificent chapter with their youth. On May 1, Dr. Wang Xun, an associate professor of Nanjing Medical University and the medical team leader of the first batch of Jiangsu medical aid team in Hubei Province, opened an online lecture in the Xuehai lecture hall. Taking her experience in assisting Hubei Province as the main line, he showed us the responsibility and responsibility of young doctors in the "epidemic" of the war.
Dr. Wang Xun started the lecture by signing up for the provincial medical aid team. On January 22, the second day after academician Zhong Nanshan confirmed that "human to human transmission exists in the new crown epidemic", the number of fever outpatients in Wuhan Red Cross Hospital increased exponentially. On January 23, on the night of Wuhan's closure, Jiangsu medical aid team began to sign up. Without hesitation, Dr. Wang Xun became the first team member of Jiangsu medical aid team an hour later.
Dr. Wang Xun's experience of supporting Wuhan
"New coronavirus, century old plague." The severity and cruelty of the "epidemic" of the war are determined by the high infectivity of the new coronavirus, the tense medical materials and medical staff, and the mountain of fever outpatient and inpatient certificates. The nurses of the same profession wrote a suicide note in the memorandum, and everyone was ready to give everything. As the only tertiary hospital in Jiangxia District, the situation of Jiangxia hospital assisted by Dr. Wang Xun is also very severe, and the materials of Jiangxia hospital are in short supply at the dark time. In the face of such an emergency, Dr. Wang Xun's 123 member medical team took over five wards and one ICU. When the patient saw the medical team coming to help Hubei, Dr. Wang Xun said: "at that time, the patient was very excited. He said:" the party and the state did not give up on us and sent experts from Jiangsu to save us. "
The days in Wuhan ward are tense and warm. Dr. Wang Xun's circle of friends records her life and treatment in Hubei, warm Hubei people and lovely patients. Each night is like sleeping on the edge of a cliff. Nurses walk six marathons in 30 days and wash their hands 80 times a day In the tough times, Dr. Wang Xun and other medical staff are still full of hope for the future of Wuhan, "everyone can see cherry blossom safely" and "it's nice that Wuhan is sunny today".
Students listen carefully
"There are many righteous men in Jiangnan, and the whole country is brothers." This is what Dr. Wang Xun felt most in this aid to Hubei Province. Wuhan people generously donated materials. Alumni of No.1 Middle School in Wuxi, Germany relay medical materials from Germany to Wuhan. Pregnant women are still doing volunteer activities until the day before childbirth. They fight against the epidemic together with local doctors and nurses, protect local medical staff, etc. Meanwhile, Dr. Wang Xun and his team "not only save everyone, but also a city" are supported In line with the national strategy of "testing as much as possible, receivables as much as possible, and full treatment", on February 4, the first batch of 15 convalescent patients in Jiangxia hospital were discharged from hospital; in the spring of February 12, the inflection point of the epidemic occurred; on March 15, the last patient was cleared. Dr. Wang Xun told the students in the lecture: "what lights up the dark night in Wuhan is the unity of the Chinese people at home and abroad."
In China's novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia screening system, Dr. Wang Xun introduced to us the "Chinese expert consensus on the diagnosis and treatment of new crown pneumonia assisted by the Internet of things" and the "CT screening system of new type coronavirus pneumonia of artificial intelligence". While introducing his growth in the anti epidemic campaign, Dr. Wang Xun also pointed out that "stage victory belongs to all the Chinese people", not only the medical staff, but also the delivery brother, the PLA, the police, etc. everyone played an important role in the campaign. At the end of the speech, Dr. Wang Xun used two short videos to briefly introduce to the students the experience of the provincial medical team's assistance to Hubei and her dear comrade in arms who fought side by side. The smiling faces after taking off the masks will be remembered by history.
Dr. Wang Xun shares the achievements of anti epidemic
At the end of the lecture, Dr. Wang Xun actively interacted with the students and answered a series of questions about the "epidemic" of the youth war. Dr. Wang Xun told the students in detail about the treatment methods used during their stay in Hubei Province, answered the doubts on their way to medicine in the future, and provided solutions to the difficulties that the students were about to encounter. At the same time, Dr. Wang Xun pointed out: "the youth have played an important role in our anti epidemic campaign. Half of the team members are post-90s, and most of the rest are post-80s The post-90s are full of hope for their loyalty, moral understanding, strong learning ability and innovation ability. " Encourage students to study hard, enhance their learning ability, improve their innovation level, and make adequate preparations for the needs of the people.
Questions and answers: Yan Jingjing
"The mountains and rivers are safe. Thank you." In this lecture, Dr. Wang Xun taught students a vivid lesson with his personal experience. While feeling the greatness of medical staff, compatriots of the motherland and the national spirit of the Chinese nation, he also made students more firm in their faith and confidence in learning medicine. Contemporary young people are growing up step by step. The future is the future of youth. As a young South doctor, we should be firm in our hearts, fulfill the oath of medical students, "erudition to the best, Mingde to the best", do our best to eliminate human suffering, help the health perfect, and strive for the life and health of the people!
Characters: Ji Lei, Wang Rongkun
Photo source: Science and Technology Association of University Students
Meibian Jinling
Order: Yu Chen, king of Yan, Xia and Zhou
Reviewed by: Cao Lili, Guo Zheng

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