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[famous doctor's consultation] how to deal with the total acne of skin in spring?

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Keynote experts
Xu Lixian
Deputy chief dermatologist of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University
The dry climate in spring, in addition to making the human body uncomfortable, many young people's skin is also in a state of a hundred: allergies, acne, people worry. The first thing people think of is probably using cosmetics to cover up. As a result, the foundation is unacceptable, leather and card powder can not bear to look straight ahead.
How to deal with spring pox? Ask famous doctors and listen to the experts.
How does spring skin always explode blain to do? Acne is a common name. In medicine, we call it acne. In the spring, some patients will have a temporary aggravation. Then we have to grade it according to its severity, which is generally divided into four grades.
The first grade is also called mild, mainly manifested as a acne; the second grade is light to moderate, and it will have some pimples on the basis of acne. The third level is called moderate. Except for pimples and pimples. There will also be some pustules, pus head and then the most serious is called grade 4; on the basis of the front, there will be nodules, cysts and even scars. We will deal with it according to his 1234 level.
Like the lighter grade I and II, we can give topical drugs, including vitamin A acid cream, which is resistant to oil secretion. At the second level, some anti-inflammatory drugs, such as fusidic acid and benzoyl peroxide, should be used. At the third and fourth levels, we can give it some antibiotics, common clarithromycin, macrolides, doxycycline and so on.
In the most serious cases, we will give it isotretinoins, which should be paid attention to because of its teratogenic effect.
So if it's a female comrade, we must ask her if she has any plans for pregnancy in the future. If there are plans for pregnancy, it's not recommended to use this medicine.
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