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High "sweet" ahead! Just after the isolation was lifted, Jiangsu's female aid team members were sweetly proposed~

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At 4:00 p.m. on April 27, 202 members of the Wuhan critical medical team assisted by Jiangsu People's Hospital (the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University) ended their 14 day isolation and rest. When the members completed the examination and prepared to go home, Gao Tian's scene appeared on the second floor platform of the new Emergency Building of the hospital——
Zhao Jiajia, an ICU nurse who just completed CT examination, was about to leave when Jiajia's sister suddenly appeared and blindfolded Jiajia's eyes. "Jiajia, are you ready? See who's here? " Mr. Ping, a handsome man in a suit, appeared quietly with bright roses in his hands and said to Zhao Jiajia nervously, "Jiajia, would you marry me?" Said then one knee genuflect, took out the proposal ring which prepared meticulously. Looking at her sincere boyfriend, Jiajia was excited and said happily, "yes!"
"In fact, I was a little confused at that time, but my heart was very sweet, and I was also moved by his sincerity." Zhao Jiajia told reporters that she came to work in Jiangsu People's Hospital in 2013 and was a nurse in the Department of critical medicine. Mr. Ping and his boyfriend were introduced by his elder sister last year. His boyfriend is also an outgoing and positive boy. On the morning of February 13, Zhao Jiajia was informed that she was about to leave for Wuhan. Zhao Jiajia's luggage, already on the morning shift, was sent to the hospital with the help of her family.
After arriving in Wuhan, Zhao Jiajia will have a video chat with Mr. Heping every day after work. "He is very supportive of my work. He thinks our medical staff are very sacred. He often asks me to pay attention to self-protection. He also sews a bag for me by hand and is ready to come back and send it to me." Mr. Ping said shyly that after knowing Zhao Jiajia for half a year, she felt that she was a gentle, beautiful and understanding girl. "As a medical worker, Jiajia works very hard at ordinary times," he said. But this time she applied to join the anti epidemic work in Wuhan on her own initiative, which I admire even more. So I want to give her a surprise when she comes back. In fact, my heart has long recognized that the companion of this life is her. "
Zhao Jiajia said that in more than 70 days of anti epidemic in Wuhan, as a serious professional nursing staff, she has gained many valuable experiences and unforgettable memories. The most moving thing is to see the scene of the night when Wuhan was unsealed and the moment when the handover ceremony was completed in Jinyintan hospital. The only time I shed tears in Wuhan was when I finished the video with my sister after the handover in Jinyintan hospital. "I finished the handover ceremony in Jinyintan hospital that day. I thought that when we were about to return to Nanjing smoothly, I might miss my family too much, so I cried when I watched the video with my sister. I was excited, reluctant, happy and missing."
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And Chen Qun, a colleague who witnessed their sweet moment at the scene and the Secretary of the temporary Party branch of Wuhan critical medical team assisted by Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, said, "the sweet index at the scene is too high! Also deeply bless this pair of young people! As a comrade in arms fighting in Wuhan, Zhao Jiajia, although a young member of the post-90s generation, grew up very fast. She worked very hard and conscientiously in her work. She also served as the building chief of the accommodation. She sent notices and materials to the members. She was very enthusiastic and was praised by everyone. I hope they will be happy all the time! "

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