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Waterborne organosilicon resin

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Waterborne silicone resin is an environmentally friendly coating that uses water as the dispersing medium and silicone resin as the film-forming material. It has the following characteristics:

Environmental protection and safety: Water based organosilicon resin uses water as a diluent, is non-toxic and odorless, environmentally friendly, and safe to use.

Strong weather resistance: It has good weather resistance and high resistance to environmental factors such as UV, moisture, acid and alkali, and is not easy to age or change color.

Anti corrosion and rust prevention: It has excellent anti-corrosion performance, can effectively resist various chemical corrosion, and also has good rust prevention performance.
Good insulation: It has high insulation performance and can be used for insulation coatings and insulation materials.
Easy to apply: Waterborne silicone resin can be applied using conventional painting methods, making the operation simple.

Usage of waterborne silicone resin
Surface treatment: Before using water-based silicone resin, the substrate surface should be treated to remove impurities such as oil, dust, and rust on the surface, in order to improve the adhesion of the coating. For some special substrates, such as metal, glass, etc., pre-treatment is required, such as polishing, rust removal, etc.

Dilution and mixing: According to the construction needs, water can be added appropriately to dilute the water-based silicone resin, and the dilution ratio can be adjusted according to the actual situation. After dilution, it should be thoroughly stirred evenly to ensure no precipitation or impurities.

Coating method: According to the construction conditions and requirements, suitable coating methods can be selected, such as brushing, spraying, immersion coating, etc. When painting, the thickness of the coating should be controlled to make it uniform and consistent, avoiding phenomena such as sagging and missed coating.

Drying and Curing: After the coating is completed, the water-based silicone resin needs to be dried and cured under certain temperature and humidity conditions. According to the product instructions, control the drying and curing conditions to ensure complete curing of the coating.

Post treatment: After drying and curing, subsequent treatments such as polishing and polishing can be carried out as needed to improve the surface smoothness of the coating.

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