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Test method for corrosion resistance of coatings

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Corrosion tests include two types: laboratory corrosion tests and on-site corrosion tests. Laboratory corrosion tests can be divided into liquid immersion corrosion at room temperature or heated, gas corrosion (including high-temperature oxidation), and salt spray testing. There are also various on-site corrosion tests, such as atmospheric corrosion, seawater and freshwater immersion, soil corrosion, and hanging test. According to the nature of corrosive media, it can be further divided into types such as acidic, alkaline, and neutral salt corrosion.   
The corrosion test conditions need to be formulated based on the technical standards of the test coating materials or the usage conditions of the coating materials. The pH value of the solution, the amount of dissolved gas, the concentration of dissolved ions, the temperature and flow rate of the solution all directly affect the corrosion reaction of the coating. It is generally believed that the dissolved gas in the solution, especially the oxygen content in neutral solutions, has a significant impact on the cathodic reaction of the corrosion process, while the liquid temperature not only affects the reaction rate, but also has a certain influence on the reaction type.   

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