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Development and Performance Characterization of High Temperature and Laser Ablation Resistant Coatings

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Weapons that use direct laser irradiation to kill targets are called laser weapons. Laser weapons have the characteristics of high propagation speed, fast transfer of firepower, no recoil during launch, high launch accuracy, high killing power, and strong anti-interference ability, making them deadly killers for various types of weapons such as aircraft. Among the world's major military powers, the United States is at the forefront of research in laser weapons. In January 2009, an output of 105kW was achieved, achieving the goal of 100kW output power in the third stage of laser weapon application. A power of 100kW has always been regarded as the threshold for weapon grade high-energy lasers, and high-energy laser weapons have gradually become an important means of attack for various military powers against missiles, satellites, various types of aircraft, and ground targets.

As high-energy laser weapons gradually enter the practical application stage, research on laser protection technology has attracted much attention. Laser protection through material technology includes thin films, structures, and coatings. Thin films are mainly used for anti laser protection of satellite optical systems and photoelectric sensors, mainly by coating thin films on the surface of optics and sensors; Structural design mainly refers to the integration of structural functions through structural design to achieve laser protection purposes. For example, in 1998, the United States reported that certain sensitive parts of aircraft were designed with sheet metal and metal mesh to achieve laser protection. The metal mesh can be designed into multiple layers according to requirements; Coating materials are the most traditional form of materials for aircraft protection and achieving special functions. Due to the use of simple air spraying or brushing processes for construction, they are one of the lowest cost and most suitable protective materials. However, due to the extremely high performance requirements of coating materials for laser protection, research on laser protective coating materials technology is a new field both domestically and internationally. This work starts with the preparation process of universal protective coatings, and through formula design and process optimization, a high-performance laser ablation resistant coating material has been prepared.

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