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The role of epoxy resin floor paint primer layer

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The epoxy primer layer is mainly used to seal the gaps in the concrete, prevent underground water vapor, air, and corrosive substances from floating and causing damage to the epoxy floor, and enhance the adhesion between the epoxy resin floor paint coating and the substrate.

The role of coating in epoxy resin floor paint:
1. Enhanced wear resistance
This is determined by the properties of epoxy floor paint. Epoxy floor paint is a cured film-forming floor paint that achieves its protective mission by forming a protective film on the surface of concrete, especially on our skin. But because it is film-forming, it can be worn out. The thinner the floor paint project, the easier it is to be worn out. The intermediate coating is sandwiched between the primer and topcoat to improve the wear resistance and service life of epoxy flooring engineering.  

2. Increase thickness and level the ground   
After the application of general floor paint primer and topcoat, only 0.2-0.5mm of coating will be produced. The intermediate coating can not only increase the thickness of the floor, but also make the ground smoother, making the floor coating effect better, brighter, and smoother.

3. Reduce costs
Since the intermediate coating does not need to bear the task of protecting against various harmful substances, the requirements for it can actually be slightly reduced. And the intermediate coating is in the middle of the epoxy floor coating, no matter how colorful you are, no one can see it, so the color powder can be omitted. So intermediate coating is generally cheaper than topcoat and primer.

The function of epoxy resin floor paint surface coating:

The epoxy topcoat is directly facing the user. On the one hand, it needs to be able to resist human walking and mechanical friction, and on the other hand, it needs to be able to isolate corrosive substances from the outside from entering the interior of the epoxy resin floor paint from the upper layer.

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