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Application fields of silicone resin coatings

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2. Coatings: Silicone resin has excellent properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, and hydrophobicity. In addition, it can obtain colorless, transparent coatings with good adhesion and wear resistance, as well as anti adhesion and anti stripping coatings and moisture-proof and hydrophobic coatings.

4. Plastic: mainly used in heat resistant, insulating, flame retardant, arc resistant silicone plastic, semiconductor module shell packaging plastic, foam plastic.

In addition to the common ones mentioned above, organic silicone resin also plays a significant role in different fields: Industrial application of organic silicone resin products can bond low surface energy surfaces due to their good resistance to high and low temperatures, chemical resistance, and low dielectric properties. This makes silicone resin products widely used in industrial production in the form of splicing tape, electrical tape, plasma spraying tape, mechanical processing tape, and other forms. Organic silicone resin products for electrical applications are generally used in the production and assembly process of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This requires organic silicone resin products to not only withstand high temperatures (270 ℃ for a short period of time) and adhere to damp low surface energy interfaces, but also have lower dielectric properties. Organic silicone resin products for electronic equipment are widely used in the preparation of various protective films for the electronic industry, providing comprehensive protection for the transportation, manufacturing, and use of precision components. In the field of wireless charging, organic silicone resin products help to bond, fix, and protect modules at the receiving and transmitting ends, making them energy-efficient. 
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