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Ceramic material coating with anti-wear, acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature corrosion resistance

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An important branch of ceramic materials, characterized by mechanical properties such as high temperature resistance, high strength, super hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, it can withstand harsh working environments that metal and polymer materials are unable to handle. In the field of space technology, the manufacturing of spacecraft requires structural and protective materials that can withstand high temperature and temperature fluctuations, high strength, light weight, and long lifespan. In this regard, structural ceramics have an absolute advantage.

With the progress of science and technology, the use of industrial furnaces has gradually moved towards modernization and scientificization, with high temperatures and high heat utilization rates. High temperature ceramic coating engineers point out that after the gas, solid, liquid fuels or mixed fuels of the furnace are fully mixed with oxidants (air, oxygen rich air or pure oxygen), they burn and release heat in a stable reaction zone. The temperature of the combustion zone depends on the total amount of heat contained in the unit combustion space or unit volume of combustible mixture. The combustion temperature can reach 2000 ℃, and the protection of the furnace lining becomes a key point. Applying high-temperature anti-corrosion coatings can protect the refractory materials of the furnace from pulverization and corrosion, and extend the overall service life of the furnace. The conversion of electrical energy into electricity is achieved by generating heat through a resistor element using current. The current is generated through the furnace material itself, resulting in arc heating, resistance arc heating, induction heating, plasma or electron beam bombardment, indicating heating by family members.

Temperature resistance can reach the temperature of the flame, can withstand long-term high-temperature flame barbecue, has good anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance, high hardness, and can successfully solve the above high-temperature furnace body metal corrosion problems! High temperature anti-corrosion coatings can withstand temperatures up to 2300 ℃ and can withstand long-term fire resistance during barbecue. They have good anti-corrosion effects in the presence of fire. High temperature resistant and anti-corrosion coatings belong to water-based inorganic coatings. The coatings can resist corrosion in fire for a long time, with a hardness of up to 8H. There is no harmful substance volatilization at room temperature and high temperature, which is green, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. The coatings self cure at room temperature, and their physical, chemical, and usage properties all reach the international advanced level.

In special high-temperature kilns, if there is strong acid and alkali liquid or gas corrosion inside, it is necessary to apply another type of ceramic anti-corrosion coating from Zhisheng Weihua, composite ceramic high-temperature anti-corrosion coating. The film-forming material is the research and development achievement of Zhisheng Weihua over the past five years. The world's latest film-forming solution - high-temperature resistant silicone fluorine solution, can withstand temperatures up to 1600 ℃.

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